BulkyPix is an international leader in digital gaming publishing on Smartphones and tablets.

BulkyPix DNA is a hybrid of Indie development, creativity and excellence in marketing, and last but definitely not least, BulkyPix has developed a deep expertise in implementing various business models from paid applications to freemium. Understanding that all models are not appropriate for all titles, BulkyPix can help developers ascertain what's best in their particular situation.

Whether you have a great idea, a VIP project or a finished game, we can very likely help you be a success in terms of both downloads and revenue.

Why should you choose Bulkypix?

We know how to make your game visible through the white noise of the hundreds of thousands of other titles in the marketplace. We have already achieved success many times for titles such as Hysteria Project, My Brute, Pix'n Love Rush, Babel Rising, Twin Blades, Saving Private Sheep, Yslandia, ... Our strong and experienced marketing teams based in the US and in Europe have already released more than 45 games and know how to maximize your chance to make a great, polished and adapted game successful in this extremely competitive environment. Just keep in mind this figure: more than 4 out of 5 paid or free games have been downloaded less than 10,000 times in the Appstore. We can help you maximize your chances to be one of the 1 in 5 that beats the odds.

We are not just a publisher, we have a full internal development team, which helps us to better understand technical issues and allows us to share expertise and experience when needed.

We are very flexible on business model approaches. From publishing to co-producing we can find the best option to fit your requirements and your goals in terms of return. It's what we call «Equitable development», which is a true policy at BulkyPix.

This is probably why we have already established strong long-term partnerships with more than 20 game developers worldwide.

We want to help you be the next success! 

Partners advice


"As we looked for a publisher who could support the launch of our title The Sandbox, we found Bulkypix to be the perfect partner for the job.
They were the most prone to accepting taking risks with new and original gameplay concepts.
The partnership has been more than successful for us as The Sandbox has been selected among the iTunes BEST OF Games 2012"

Juan ramon rufo, Pixelratio

"Bulkypix bet in our game in the same way we do, from the begining! Which is awesome for a developer! We love to work with that great team, they are always giving the best and we appreciate it. Definitely they make us better. Thank you.


"BulkyPix isn't the kind of partner who is out to get a developer ripped off. When we signed PinWar, it was very important to them to agree on terms that both parties saw as a win-win situation, and we've been very pleased by this ethical approach."