Artillery brigade
Categories : Action
Developer : Revo Solutions
Artillery Brigade is a 360 degree, adrenaline-packed WWII shooter where the player takes on an overwhelming onslaught of enemy forces from land, sea and air.

Defend your position by blasting away with high-powered, heavy weapons and machine guns, in an effort to defeat the attack. 
top features
  • Immersive real-time combat environment
  • WWII simulation with full retina display and auto rotate support.
  • Amazing graphics, visual effects music and true life sounds.
  • Game center and Open Feint
  • Easy controls ­ (touch, gyroscope and accelerometer)
  • Use the great helpers like target finder, zoom and radar movement.
  • 6 different environments with day and night missions.
  • 3 different classes of weapons ­ machine guns, AA guns, rocket launchers.
  • Great replay value - unlock survival mode for each campaign mission accomplished. 
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