Babel Rising Cataclysm
Categories : Arcade, Action, Strategy
Developer : Mando
You are God. Watching the Earth from high above, you sense that mankind is getting restless. In fact, they're building a tower. Why do such a thing? So that they can attain your lofty heights? What a reckless, conceited idea! It's time to show these menial creatures that rising up against the Almighty is a bad idea!
top features
  •  A brand-new tower with all-new waves – a truly exciting new adventure!
  •  Two new characters assist the heathen workers
  •  A 40-mission Story mode, plus Survival mode
  •  Five new upgradeable powers on top of the previous game's seven powers, plus enhancement Scrolls and Steles for bonuses
  •  Four different settings
  •  Facebook/Game Center 
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