Chicken Doom
Categories : Action, Family
Developer : Dogbox
What happens when a primitive, under-evolved species and some almost evolved poultry covet the same ressource ? A terrible and everlasting series of conflicts named « Corn Wars » !

Help the Biggies to eradicate the space poultry and stop them in their terrible progression to your corn stock.

Be precise, their next step could be our beautifull blue planet
top features
  • Play as Biggy and Biguette in 6 different colorful and cartoonish levels.
  • Customize your Gorilla through the many achievements.
  • 5 power-ups (Fire, Shield, Lightning…) and 7 arms that upgrade while you play to allow you to make combos!
  • Play in co-op on the same screen.
  • A left handed mode to facilitate the use of power-ups and combos.
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