Hollywood Monsters
Categories : Adventure, LICENSE
Developer : Pendulo Studios
Hollywood Monsters (aka The Next Big Thing) revisits the golden era of horror movies with many references to the horror genre's popular movies and series. It offers a story full of comedy, mystery, romance, monsters, stolen brains, Mexican werewolves, and… What? You didn't think I was going to reveal everything, did you?
top features
  • A cast of colorful and wacky characters, including a host of legendary monsters and creatures from classic horror movies
  • Production, graphics, and sound worthy of a great animation movie
  • The zaniest and craziest dialogue you will ever encounter in a video game!
  • Works perfectly on your smartphone or tablet!
  • Useful and well-designed ”help” interface -- you'll never get stuck, we promise!
  • Languages include English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Voice-over is in English
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