Soldier vs. Aliens
Categories : Arcade, Action
Developer : Bulkypix
You are the last man standing. One soldier against a swarm of violent aliens. Hold and defend your position waves after waves. Use many weapons and grenades to clean the ship from the aliens invasion. It's gonna be a real butchery and that's just what you need...
top features
  •  A simple & nervous gameplay: defend your position and kill all aliens
  •  Magnificent art design with perfectly hand-drawn 2D backgrounds, characters and aliens
  •  More than 50 levels with various objectives (save scientists, evacuate dangerous area, hold position, kill the bosses…)
  •  Customize and improve every part of your armor (legs, arms, helmet…)
  •  A large choice of weapons (shotgun, railgun, laser, flames thrower…)
  •  A survival mode with infinite waves of enemies
  •  Look at you face getting worst and worst…
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