Turbolab Pursuit
Categories : Arcade
Developer : KoolFing
In a world that has only just discovered automobiles, a mad scientist has been busy atop his tower, putting the finishing touches to his all-new prototype vehicle. But the local mafia would love to get their hands on his revolutionary invention...

Turbolab Pursuit is a 2D game featuring a subtle cross between a runner and a shoot 'em up. Use Professor West's wacky invention to rocket down the hills and escape the clutches of the enemies hot on your heels.  
top features
  • Over 4,000 customization combos
  • Mod your ride with crazy, devastating weapons
  • Upgrade your vehicle's stats
  • Let your imagination run wild and customize your nutty professor
  • Collect countless power-ups along the way
  • Randomly-generated levels
  • Game Center achievements
  • Universal app
  • iPhone 5 Retina display  
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