2012/11/21 - 11:29 BulkyPix announces awesome Black Friday offers


BulkyPix announces insanely awesome Black Friday offers:
from 40 to 75% off until sunday!

Hidden Runaway: 75% off- Now at $0.99

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Play once again as the two mythics heroes of the Runaway series !
For the 10th anniversary of the mythic, million-selling PC adventure game Runaway: a Road Adventure, Pendulo Studios, in association with BulkyPix, proudly presents Hidden Runaway, a brand-new episode starring Brian and Gina.


Soldier vs Aliens:  50% off on all in-apps

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You are the last man standing.
One soldier against a swarm of violent aliens. Hold your position fighting off wave after wave of invaders and clear the area of aliens.

Another World: Now at $0.99

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Also known as Out Of This World™ and released across more than a dozen platforms since its 1991 debut, Another World™ has attained cult status among critics and sophisticated gamers alike for its cinematic effects in the graphics, sound and cut scenes.

Jazz: Trump's Journey: 50% off - Now at $0.99

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Immerse yourself in the memories of Trump, in his dreams as a young, star-struck jazz musician, in love with the lovely Lady Poppy.

Yesterday: 40% off - now at $3.99

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The first thriller by the indie studio that created the million-selling RUNAWAY saga! A psycho is killing beggars alive in New York. A Y-shaped scar forms in the hands of seemingly unrelated people.

The Sandbox : FREE ! 50% on all mana packs ! 

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Imagine creating your own universe (complete with amazing Pixel Art), composing your own music, and much, much more. The universe is yours to create or destroy, and the only limit is your imagination!  
Start from scratch with basic building blocks like stone, water and soil. Once you discover mud and sand, you're on your way!  Grow plants, raise mountains, generate life and gain access to advanced tools for crafting more and more complex elements.

PyramidValley Adventure : FREE ! 50% off on gold and gem packs ! 

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PyramidVille Adventure is now called PyramidValley Adventure, and a new version is currently available! 

With PyramidValley Adventure, you take on the role of the last Pharaoh of ancient Egypt! Expand your ancient city and trade with other cities around the world. 

Produce your own construction materials, decorate your city with objects discovered on your travels and unlock magnificent wonders such as the Great Sphinx or the Lighthouse of Alexandria. 


And so much more offer again:

Ninja Toss: 50% on all in-app purchases

My Brute: 50% on all in-app purchases

Amok: 50% on all in-app purchases

Aby Escape: 50% on all in-app purchases

Babel Rising Cataclysm: 50% on all in-app purchases

Hills of Glory :WWII: 50% on all in-app purchases

Saving Private Sheep 2: 50% on in-app purchases

Chicken Doom :  75% off

Kung Fu Rabbit: 75% off

Spincraft : 50% off

Citadel Arcane : 50% off

Babel Running : 50% off

Twin Blades : 50% off

Reversion  : 50% off

Burn it All : 50% off

PyramidValley Adventure : 50% on all in-app purchases

Artillery Brigade : 50% off

Pix'n Love Rush Deluxe : 50% off

Gobliiins 1 and Gobliins 2 : 50% off

Lightopus : 50 % off

Cardboard Castle : 50% off

Bug Invasion : 50% off

Hysteria Project: 50% off

Hysteria Project 2: 50% off

Battlestar Commander : 50% off

Gnu Revenge : 50% off

Badaboo : 50% off on the mega pack Badaboo

Brainergy : 50% off