2012/06/27 - 14:23 Chicken Doom is now available on the App Store! Participate in the contest!

Chicken Doom is now on the App Store!
Fried Chicken anyone?


The developpers from DogBox Studios and the international publisher BulkyPix are proud to present their new game, available today on the App Store: Chicken Doom!

To celebrate the release of the game, here's an exclusive message from Biggy himself:

"Hi! Me Biggy! Me on war on Biggy World! Evil chicken want Biggy and Biguette's Corn to conquer universe! Them won't have it! Me Biggy fight! But me Biggy need you help! You control turret and shoot chickens! Upgrade turret with more weapons and protect me corn! Because if you don't... chickens will invade you next!"

You guessed it, Biggy and Biguette have no intention to let the space chickens steal their precious corn. Help them stop this invasion in this hilarious Base Defender game compatible with the New iPad Retina!

Here's the iTunes link!: http://bit.ly/MpuAOJ


You can also participate in the Chicken Doom Contest!

Have you ever dreamt about leaving your own mark on a video game?

Now, thanks to Bulkypix and DogBox, you may have a chance to by participating in the Chicken Doom Contest!

How do I participate?

You just have to create a complete suit for Biggy or Biguette by drawing them on the models below. 
You can proceed by Photoshop or print it, draw on it, scan it and send it back by e-mail as well to contest@bulkypix.com

Contest ends on July 11th

The 10 best designs will won a promocode to download the game for free and the 3 best creations (a Biggy, a Biguette and the best overall) will be included in the next update.


You can download the models by clicking on the links below:

Here are some examples to inspire you:

Send your creations to the following adress: Chicken Doom Contest

We wish you good luck!